We’re proud of our environmental record and our focus on continuously improving. We believe oil development and good environmental practices go together. Integrating environmental considerations into what we do makes us a better oil company and enables us to improve how we tackle environmental challenges: from the phased approach we take to grow our oil sands projects; to the emphasis we place on developing better ways to get oil out of the ground; to the care we take in establishing detailed reclamation plans.

We strive to use, recycle and dispose of water safely; manage air emissions; limit our physical footprint; and minimize our impact on habitat, including wildlife. We work with our stakeholders to identify the unique needs of the different areas where we operate. And, using innovative technology, we continually look for ways to improve our environmental performance.

We provide our employees, contractors and third-party service providers the appropriate training they need to comply with regulations and be responsible environmental stewards. We measure our environmental impact using comprehensive operational systems that monitor, manage and accurately report our activities, and we conduct regular internal audits.

Our environmental commitments

We understand that environmental progress is integral to our long term resource development. That’s why we developed five environmental commitments to guide our actions:

  1. Taking care of the environment is part of what we do
  2. We incorporate environmental considerations when planning our work
  3. Through innovation and efficiency, we limit our impacts on air, land and water resources
  4. Our activities are temporary, we conserve resources and reclaim impacts
  5. We take actions to continually improve our environmental performance

Our commitments in action