We’re proud of our environmental record and our focus on continuous improvement. Our employees, many of whom live near our operations, are personally committed to making sure we keep searching for better processes, methods and technologies to get oil out of the ground safely and responsibly. We focus on addressing our challenges through technology, innovation, collaboration and integrating environmental considerations into our everyday business.

We’re working to improve our environmental performance for air, land and water. We do this by tackling environmental challenges. Like reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of land we need to build each oil sands project. Minimizing our use of fresh water. And by taking great care to create detailed reclamation plans before we start to build a project. We’re also proactive in developing programs to prevent impacts on wildlife in our operating areas.

We provide our employees, contractors and third-party service providers the appropriate training they need to be responsible environmental stewards. We measure our environmental impact using comprehensive operational systems that monitor, manage and accurately report our activities, and we conduct regular internal audits.

Our environmental commitments

We understand that environmental progress is integral to our long-term resource development. That’s why we developed five environmental commitments to guide our actions.