Wedge Well™ technology

In our steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) operations, we drill horizontal wells in pairs, one well above the other. We're able to drill multiple well pairs from a single well pad. Over time, a pocket of unrecovered bitumen forms in the space between two well pairs. Wedge Well™ technology is a Cenovus innovation that allows us to access that wedge of bitumen by drilling a single horizontal well between two SAGD well pairs and pumping the oil to the surface through this additional well.

Wedge Well™ technology assists in working towards increasing total recovery of oil while lowering our environmental impact. Because the pocket formation is surrounded by steam chambers created by the existing well pairs, it requires less water turned into steam to soften it and pump it to the surface. And less steam means less water is used and less fuel gas is required to create steam. And that means there's a reduction in steam generator emissions intensity (emissions per barrel of oil produced).

How Wedge Well™ technology works