We are a safety-focused company. Being safe is a critical aspect of the work we all do, every day. We provide our employees, suppliers, contractors and consultants the information and tools they need to work safely. And we require anyone working with us to understand and work by our policies and practices. We stress the importance of safe driving and demand an alcohol- and drug-free workplace.

The health and safety of our workforce is of paramount importance at Cenovus. But it's not just about saying it. It's about living it every day. We have eight safety commitments that guide how we conduct our business. All eight are critical to reinforcing the behaviour and attitude we want to see in our staff, but the first one best illustrates our commitment to safety:

Our work is never too urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.

While these commitments are the foundation of our goal to have an injury-free workplace, they are put into practice through awareness, education and empowerment of our employees and contractors. Most gratifying of all is that our increased focus on safety has resulted in a significant reduction of on-the-job injuries over the past three years. And that's what's really important. Because working at Cenovus really does mean working safely.


The Cenovus Operations Management System is the name we've chosen to describe the system of standards, practices and procedures we are implementing across our operations. It will enable us to establish ways to consistently apply our current best practices and incorporate new thinking. It will be applied throughout our operating areas and supported by groups across the organization.

Occupational health

Prevention of occupational diseases and illnesses is an integral part of our health and safety focus. We take a risk-based approach to systematically identify, evaluate, and manage health hazards of all workers at our sites. This involves addressing a wide spectrum of hazards, including chemicals, noise, material handling, fatigue, and even the hot and cold environments where we conduct our outdoor work.

Contractor safety

In order to ensure we engage those contractors who share the same commitment to safety, Cenovus uses ISNetworld as its online safety prequalification system and safety performance data management tool. The ISNetworld system is one of the ways Cenovus shares information and expectations with its contractors which helps to establish the foundation for improvements in both Cenovus and contractor safety programs and overall safety performance.