Telephone Lake

Telephone Lake project

Follow the animated character of Bob, one of our Hydrogeologists, as he takes you through our dewatering plans for Telephone Lake.

Telephone Lake (formerly Borealis), located in northern Alberta about 90 kilometres northeast of Fort McMurray, is one of our emerging oil sands projects. The project is expected to have an initial production capacity of 90,000 barrels per day and an operational life of approximately 40 years.

The Telephone Lake reservoir has a layer of groundwater above the oil that’s not suitable for human consumption without treatment. In order for our oil recovery process to be efficient, we must first move this water through a process called dewatering. If regulatory approval for this project is received, we may begin dewatering on a commercial scale as early as 2017.

In December 2011, we submitted a revised joint regulatory application and environmental impact assessment to the Energy Resources Conservation Board and Alberta Environment and Water. Formal consultation on the revised project/application is underway with our stakeholders. If approval for this project is received, we may begin construction as early as 2014.