Christina Lake

Foster Creek

Christina Lake, a top-tier reservoir with huge potential for growth, is one of our two industry-leading oil sands producing projects. Located about 150 kilometres south of Fort McMurray, Alberta, we started Christina Lake in 2000. The oil at Christina Lake is located about 375 metres below the surface and requires specialized technology, like steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) to drill and pump it to the surface. This project is 50 percent owned by ConocoPhillips.

Our growth plans

Christina Lake is at an earlier stage of development than our Foster Creek project. It, too, will be grown in carefully planned phases so we can apply what we learn from one phase to the next. Christina Lake has eight phases planned so far. Phases A, B, C, D and E are in operation. Plans for phases F and G have received regulatory approval, and an application for Phase H was submitted for regulatory review in 2013. With additional expansion phases and optimization work, we believe total gross production capacity has the potential to reach 310,000 barrels per day.

Did you know?

Christina Lake is one of the most efficient SAGD operations in the industry, with a steam to oil ratio (SOR) of 1.8 in 2014. A low SOR means we’re using less water and burning less natural gas to produce steam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cenovus presents production volumes on a net to Cenovus before royalties basis, unless otherwise stated.