Natural gas

Natural Gas

The majority of our natural gas production comes from a shallow gas play that covers more than three million acres in southeast Alberta, including parts of Canadian Forces Base Suffield. We have operated for more than 50 years in the area and in that time have produced in excess of two trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Shallow natural gas is drilled with lighter equipment and has a small environmental footprint.

Much of what we know about natural gas development comes from our years of experience operating in southeast Alberta. It's that experience along with our team's ability to advance technology that has been key to improving how we get natural gas out of the ground. Today, we are able to drill and complete a shallow well in less than 12 hours. In 2014, natural gas production averaged 488 million cubic feet per day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cenovus presents production volumes on a net to Cenovus before royalties basis, unless otherwise stated.