Transporting our products


Currently, we move oil on a number of pipelines across Canada and the U.S. Pipelines are a safe, economic and environmentally-friendly way to transport our oil. Members of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) had a 99.999 percent safety record for transporting oil and natural gas in 20151.

Most of our oil is moved by pipeline. We have several current commitments with different pipelines including the existing Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline and Enbridge Flanagan South pipeline. We’re supportive of the proposed pipelines to Canada’s east and west coasts as well as to the U.S., which would provide additional shipping capacity for our expected production growth. We’ve committed to move about 200,000 barrels of oil per day on TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline and we have additional shipping capacity available on the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project, which has received approval from the Canadian government.

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Production data 2006-2010

Production volumes are net to Cenovus on a before royalties basis.

Production (Mbbls/d)

Weyburn production data