An enhanced oil recovery project


Our Weyburn operation is located in southern Saskatchewan and is one of the most abundant conventional oilfields in Canada. Cenovus operates the Weyburn facility on behalf of our 24 partners — we have 62 percent working interest in the project. Weyburn has been in operation since 1954, and since the implementation of our CO2 flood for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in 2000 the project has become recognized as the world’s largest geological carbon dioxide storage project.

We enhance oil recovery at Weyburn by injecting CO2 into the reservoir, where it acts like a solvent and helps push more oil towards the producing wells. We expect this technique will extend the life of the field by 30 or 40 years, and could lead to an estimated 200 million barrels of incremental oil production.

In February of 2017, our Weyburn project reached an important milestone by safely injecting approximately 30 million tonnes of CO2underground since we first started using CO2 flood technology. This effective storage in greenhouse gas emissions is equal to taking more than six million cars off the road for an entire year. We’re injecting and storing approximately two million tonnes of new CO2 at Weyburn every year.

Production data 2006-2010

Production volumes are net to Cenovus on a before royalties basis.

Production (Mbbls/d)

Weyburn production data