Our advertising

Our advertising, which provides information about the oil sands and the value oil brings to our lives, is shown on television and in movie theatres across the country, and in a variety of Canadian consumer magazines. Email us to ask a question or share your feedback on our ads.

Fuelling our lives

Our Fuelling our lives ads focus on how oil keeps our economy moving – transporting people, goods and services around the globe.

Rising to the challenges

Our Rising to the challenges ad speaks to why getting the oil out of the oil sands is so challenging.

Canadian ideas at work

Our Canadian ideas at work ad salutes Canadian conviction, innovation, tenacity and the determination we have as a people.

A different oil sands

Our Different oil sands ad, which shows an aerial view of our Foster Creek project, illustrates what a typical drilling project in the oil sands looks like.

More than fuel

Our More than fuel ads focus on the value oil and natural gas bring to our lives. From everyday products like detergent, glue and earplugs, to innovative advancements such as artificial limbs. Discover the connection.