More than fuel

Our More than fuel ad campaign focuses on the value oil and natural gas bring to our lives. From everyday products like detergent, glue and ear plugs, to innovative advancements in touch screen technology, ultrasound equipment and artificial limbs.

When most people think of the everyday uses of oil and natural gas, they think of fuel for their vehicles and fuel for the heating and cooling of their homes. But the reality is that many of the products we use and rely on every day are made possible by these resources, probably many more than most of us realize. Things like crayons, contact lenses, carpets and furniture. In fact, nearly everything we use is either made from oil and natural gas by-products, made by machinery or in facilities powered by oil and natural gas, or transported by fuels refined from oil such as gasoline or diesel.

Our advancements in oil and natural gas development will ensure innovators have the petroleum-based materials they need for many years to come.