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Cenovus is often mentioned in the media. Read some recent articles or check out a few interviews. It’s a great way to learn more about Cenovus and what’s happening in our industry. Please be aware, some of these articles may be behind soft paywalls, which limit the number of articles that can be viewed without subscribing.

Feb 23

February 23, 2017 – Calgary Herald

Oilsands renaissance seen as sector hits middle age

Dec 27

December 27, 2016 – Bonnyville Nouvelle

Cenovus has reinvented oil sands restoration, thanks to new "game-changing" equipment

Nov 24

November 24, 2016 – Smart Prosperity

Letter to First Ministers from major business and civil society leaders

Nov 17

November 17, 2016 – TransMountain Today

Pipeline a boon to shippers: Cenovus seeking more capacity

Oct 17

October 17, 2016 – Petroleum Intelligence Weekly

Cenovus makes case for cheaper, cleaner oil sands

Aug 31

August 31, 2016 – Financial Post

Solvents to the rescue: How chemistry can save the oilsands industry

Aug 1

August 1, 2016 – Context Magazine article

Industry collaborates on solutions to caribou depredation

Jun 10

June 10, 2016 – Oilsands Review article

Cenovus hires former tanker captain Claus Thornberg to get more crude overseas

May 21

May 21, 2016 – Heavy Oil & Oilsands Guidebook 2016

Beating Budget - strong collaboration between supply chain stakeholders helped the Christina Lake optimization project stay within the lines

Feb 9

February 9, 2016 - Opinion piece in The Globe and Mail
Brian Ferguson – President & Chief Executive Officer

A new conversation about pipelines

Jan 14

January 14, 2016 - Forbes article
Brian Ferguson – President & Chief Executive Officer

Brian talks innovation and climate change with Forbes

Jan 6

January 6, 2016 - CNBC interview
Brian Ferguson – President & Chief Executive Officer

How Cenovus is responding to volatile oil prices