Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Shareholders can receive their dividends as a cash payment or can choose to automatically reinvest the dividend to purchase additional common shares through our DRIP. By enroling in our DRIP, shareholders will receive a three percent discount on the purchase of common shares with reinvested cash dividends and will not pay brokerage commissions. Common shares purchased with reinvested cash dividends are issued from Cenovus’s treasury. For more information, see the materials below, contact our transfer and DRIP agent or go to the Cenovus Investor Centre.

To enrol, shareholders who hold their shares directly (registered shareholders) may contact our transfer and DRIP agent at the address and telephone number noted below or go to the Cenovus Investor Centre.

Shareholders who hold their shares through a broker, investment dealer, financial institution or other nominee (beneficial shareholders) may enrol through such broker, investment dealer, financial institution or other nominee. See the exception noted under “Important Notice” below.

DRIP materials

Important notice to U.S. shareholders

The Depository Trust Company (“DTC”) terminated its participation in Dividend Reinvestment Programs (“DRIP”) for Canadian securities for all events announced with a record date beyond March 31, 2014. Please note that this affected only beneficial holders who held common shares of Cenovus Energy Inc. (“CVE”) through DTC participant brokers in the United States and who were enroled in the CVE DRIP. Please see the below link for the official notice from DTC, including information for beneficial holders who want to participate in dividend reinvestment (Document #0064-14):


Registrar and Transfer agent

Computershare Investor Services Inc.
100 University Avenue
8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5J 2Y1

Telephone: toll-free North America: (866) 332-8898
outside North America: (514) 982-8717