We use above-ground pipelines to transport steam, oil mixed with salty water and natural gas at our oil sands projects

Why own Cenovus Energy?

We are a Canadian integrated oil company. Our goal is to increase total shareholder return, while applying fresh, progressive thinking to safely and responsibly unlock energy resources the world needs. We are focused on delivering predictable, reliable performance.

We have:

  • Industry-leading oil sands assets
    These great assets support decades of long-term oil growth.
  • A track record of strong operational results
    This has allowed us to be a leader in steam-assisted gravity drainage, or SAGD.
  • A manufacturing approach to oil development
    This supports our industry-leading cost metrics and capital efficiencies.
  • A focus on innovation
    This means we’re continually improving our performance.
  • An integrated approach
    This improves the stability of our overall cash flow.
  • Financial strength
    This gives us the flexibility to pursue our long-term growth plans and support a strong and sustainable dividend.