Safety Data Sheets

The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide descriptions for the safe handling of products that Cenovus produces, as well as any potential related health and safety hazards.

Rail transport

Bow River Crude Oil Cold Lake Blend (CLB)
Christina Lake Dilbit (CDB) Midale Crude Oil
Christina Lake RailBit    

Additional products

Bitumen Emulsion Natural Gas (Liquids)
Condensate (Sour) Natural Gas (Sour)
Condensate (Sweet) Natural Gas (Sweet)
Crude Oil (Sour) Produced Water (Sour)
Crude Oil (Sweet) Produced Water (Sweet - from Shallow Gas Production)
Diluent (Offshore) Produced Water (Sweet - from Crude Oil or Deep Gas Production)
Heavy Crude Oil/Diluent Mix Propane
Suffield Heavy Wabasca Heavy

TDG Proof of Classification

Bow River Christina Lake Railbit
Central Alberta Crude Midale
Christina Lake Dilbit (CDB) Suffield Heavy
Cold Lake Blend (CLB) Wabasca Heavy