Invoicing for suppliers

Visit the Deep Basin supplier invoice requirements page for instructions for all invoices related to Cenovus’s newly acquired Deep Basin properties.

We accept invoices electronically through OpenInvoice or in paper format through email, mail or fax. Please ensure that all documents you supply reflect the appropriate full company name, as it relates to the area where the work was performed, a complete Cenovus contact name and your GST number (if applicable). For a complete list of requirements, see the Supplier invoice requirements document.

Some of the most common legal entity names are below. If you’re unsure which company you need to submit invoices to, refer to the Legal entity names document.

  • Cenovus Energy Inc. (Conventional Oil & Natural Gas, Greater Pelican Assets, Cenovus-wide groups)
  • Cenovus FCCL Ltd., As Operator for FCCL Partnership (Foster Creek, Christina Lake, Narrows Lake)
  • Suffield Industry Range Control Ltd.
  • Cenovus TL ULC, As Operator for Telephone Lake Partnership
  • Bruderheim Energy Terminal Ltd.

Invoice submission methods

Use one of the following methods for invoice submission. OpenInvoice is our preferred method of receiving invoices.

  1. OpenInvoice

    Cenovus uses a third-party application called OpenInvoice to handle electronic invoices. If you have an OpenInvoice account, you can submit your invoices electronically through this application. You can then track your invoice submission and see if it has been approved, disputed or paid. You will also have the opportunity to participate in our early payment program.

    Please contact to request an OpenInvoice account and our team of professionals will guide you through the process. If you already have an account and need assistance on how to use OpenInvoice, please contact us.

  2. Paper invoicing
  3. Please submit invoices and any supporting materials using one of the following methods.


    Mail:   Attn: Accounts Payable
      500 Centre Street SE
      P.O. Box 766
      Calgary, AB T2P 0M5

    Fax:   1-403-407-7715