Our Board

Our Board of Directors oversees the management of our business, and is focused on preserving and increasing shareholder value. They are also responsible for appointing a competent leadership team, enforcing our rigorous corporate governance structure to ensure we conduct ourselves in an ethical and legal manner.

The Board of Directors and its committees are committed to evaluating and enhancing corporate governance practices by monitoring Canadian and U.S. regulatory developments affecting corporate governance, accountability and transparency of public corporation disclosure.

The Board of Directors regularly evaluates its own effectiveness, as well as that of its committees and members. As part of this process, the Chair of the Nominating and Corporate Governance (NCG) Committee meets periodically with each Director. To assist the Chair's review, each Director completes an anonymous effectiveness questionnaire as well as periodic self and peer evaluations.

The Vice-Chair of the NCG Committee meets periodically with the Chair of the NCG Committee to discuss his or her effectiveness as the Chair of the Board, Chair of the NCG Committee and as a member of the Board. The NCG Committee assesses the adequacy of the information given to Directors, communication between the Board and management and the processes of the Board and committees. The NCG Committee recommends any changes that would enhance the performance of the Board based on its assessments.